thomas more

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Mechelen, Belgium, offers a 3-year
bachelor’s programme in Journalism in Dutch and a bilingual one – in Dutch and English – in
International Journalism. Students who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the
field of communication are eligible for the one year programme in International Journalism,
which is fully in English.

The focus is on practice and working in a newsroom environment, but also insight in the
different aspects of our society is a crucial part of the programme. Students have the
opportunity to build a portfolio around a specific theme (culture, politics, sports,…),
supported by workshops and lectures. They are trained in a broad set of digital skills and can also specialize in particular media skills for video, audio or written media.

Our journalism programmes are part of Thomas More’s Media School, in which we offer
also other media and communication related programmes. The Media School provides us
with up-to-date material and infrastructure (radio & TV studio’s, newsroom facilities, editing rooms,…), the availability of innovative technologies (360° video,…) and the possibility to work in multidisciplinary student teams.

Together with we organize a postgraduate in International Research
Journalism and we host the annual Dataharvest conference.

Thomas More