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Fact check: Decrease in migrants in Italy, but Salvini can’t take all the credit

In a tweet ,Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini claimed on December 16, 2018: “Repatriates (of migrants into Italy): + 28% since I’m in the government. I am sorry that the opposition and some misinformed journalist even falsify the numbers and the reality.” This claim turns out to be mostly false.

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Fact check: A lot of elephants still get poached, but less than claimed

When the Netherlands announced a national ban on ivory trade on December 17th 2018, Dutch D66 European Parliament member Gerben Jan Gerbrandy shared an article from the D66’s website. In this article, Gerbrandy is quoted saying: Almost 50.000 elephants are being poached a year.” But reliable data shows this number is way too high.

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EUFACTCHECK is the fact-checking project of the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) that intends to build a sustainable curriculum unit on fact checking within a European network of Journalism schools.
We will publish fact checks and blog posts to test our common methodology during the European elections.

The project gathers fact checks from more than 150 students and staff from more than 20 EJTA schools.

Through fact checking European political claims and trying to tackle misinformation, we want our students and our public to grow a deeper insight and interest in democratic processes, both on national and European level.

EUFACTCHECK wishes to motivate fact-based debate in the EU and to stimulate media and information literacy.

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