Mostly false: “The Netherlands is the least anti-muslim country in Europe”

According to an article posted by the Dutch newsblog ‘De Dagelijkse Standaard’ on the 1st of February 2019, The Netherlands is the country in Europe that welcomes muslims the most. This information came from a report by Pew Research Center that posted the results of their research on their Twitter account on the 30th of…

Mostly false: “France doesn’t have the means to accomodate more migrants”, according to “Yellow Jacket” Damien Rieu

The signing of the Global Compact for Migration was greeted with many comments. Damien Rieu, an activist with the Génération Identitaire movement, “estimates” that France already spends 4.5 billion euros on immigration. He’s basing his figures on Nadine Morano statement.

Mostly false: Salvini: “Repatriates (of migrants into Italy): + 28% since I’m in the government”

In a tweet, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini claimed on December 16, 2018: “Repatriates (of migrants into Italy): + 28% since I’m in the government. I am sorry that the opposition and some misinformed journalist even falsify the numbers and the reality.” His claim turns out to be mostly false.